MUSIKK > Ben w/ Eddie live

I will light the match this mornin’ so I won’t be alone
Watch as she lies silent for soon light will be gone
Oh I will stand arms outstretched pretend I’m free to roam
Oh I will make my way through one more day in, hell
How much difference does it make
How much difference does it make yeah

I will hold the candle till it burns up my arm
Oh I’ll keep takin’ punches until their will grows tired
Oh I will stare the sun down until my eyes go blind
Hey, I won’t change direction, and I won’t change my mind
How much difference does it make
How much difference does it make, how much difference

I’ll swallow poison, until I grow immune
I will scream my lungs out till it fills this room
How much difference
How much difference does it make


Right before Spanish revolution in 1930s…

Something interesting happened in Spain before the Civil War started, before the conflict among Franco and the Republicans/Communists. Ever heard about “anarchists” during that period? Here polar bears and seals know it very well! Noam Chomsky tells in this video about a kind of society which was created during that time, an inspiring one.. catch a glimpse!

Hilsen fra Nanook, tidspunktet banen for nordområdene