What a beautiful story – part1

Imagine to go fighting a giant, to save the people in a dark valley, very far from town. And surprisingly imagine to make the giant running away, thanks to two Argentinian magics and a powerful flying spell! Wow!! Growl! 😉

None believed in this at the little village, but the tiny adventurer made it!

The giant is angry right now, and he is going to come back soon to take his revenge! But this is a wonderful story, you know, and I am curious about the tiny adventurer, and her unbelievable magic powers!

Vi ses snart for the part-2!

Building a Local Peace Economy: We have the Power :)

by Judy Wicks / alternet.org

When attending meetings with peace and justice activists, I often find myself the only business person in the room. Inevitably, someone makes a comment about the evils of business, or greedy capitalists, or some other negative comment that implies business people are the enemy.

I couldn’t agree more about the harm done by profit-driven multinational corporations, but what about businesspeople like me who are working to build a new economy, one that is more just and sustainable?

Because they view all business in a negative light, many activists don’t seem to think it matters where they spend their money. This experience showed me the wide gap that exists between the peace and justice movement and the local economy movement. Just think how much more powerful we would be in changing the world for the better if we worked together to build a peace economy.

These points follow:
> Our Economic Choices Have Consequences
> Protecting Corporate Interests
> Another Economy Is Possible
> The Localism Movement
> The Role of Fair Trade
> Local Energy Security
> Local Food Security
> Local Water Security
> Sustainable Clothing
> Banking and Investing
> Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
> A Revolution of Values
> Co-ops
> Adopting Gandhi’s Strategy
> Where do we begin?

Continues here 😉

ALTA > Stuorahaldi/Sukkertoppen

Haldde eller Sukkertoppen 907m som den kalles

Stuorahaldi eller Sukkertoppen (900 moh.) er en familievennlig topptur som starter i Kåfjord i Alta kommune. Turen er ca. 9km lang og tar ca. 3 timer opp og 2 timer ned.

Turen går langs en gammel kjerrevei som starter ca. 400 meter nord for Kåfjord kirke (30 moh.). Her kan du også parkere. Kjerreveien kan du følge hell til toppen, så turen passer også for barnefamilier.

Den første og siste delen av ruten er veldig bratt enkelte steder, mens midtpartiet består av slakt terreng. På toppen belønnes du med en fantastisk utsikt, både innover landet og utover Altafjorden.

Nordlysobservatoriet på Haldde ligger også her på toppen.

Hilsen fra Nanook, tidspunktet banen for nordområdene