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KINO > The Breadwinner


Raise your words,
not your voice.
It is rain that makes the flowers grow,
not thunder.

Info here + trailer here 😉


BUCKET LIST > Jim Jarmusch


– Does this scare you?
– Yes, of course. Because we don’t know what it is
– What is it?
– If I had a name for it…
– Losing it.
– Losing it? Do you mean mentally? Do you think we can drive ourselves crazy fucking?
– Maybe, but you can also say lose it, like on a hike. You know, lose this or lose that, to travel lighter, to go forward, move towards what you were meant to. Maybe. But the thing is.. you never know if what’ve you lost is better than what you’ve gained. It’s just there’s no likely result.
– But don’t you see? Of course… there can’t be a likely result. There shouldn’t be. You’re saying that it can’t go on like this, right?
– I don’t know. Do you?
– I have no idea.
– Well, I have no idea about any of this.
– Losing it is as good as having it.
– What does that mean?
– It’s something I read in a book sometime ago about the regular kind of loss. I don’t remember who wrote it, but it was saying that everything that is human is lost, but at the same time, some lost things can’t be lost, are never lost.
– Do you think this can’t be lost?
– Yes.

Very intense moment of the film
Fra Porto, mer her 😉

KINO > Rudderless


Let there be music
And let there be thrills
You don’t like the silence
And you never will
So jump on the ride
You can feel it inside
Won’t you come with us?

Come all ye faithful
Don’t suffer the fools
We’ll sound all the sirens
And bend all the rules
The stars have aligned
Leave your
Troubles behind you
And come with us

We will play all night
And pray the darkness
Don’t give way to the light
I wish i may, i wish
I might stay with you

Lift up your voices
And lend us your ears
You know who
Your friends are
And everyone’s here
Why be alone?
Don’t pretend that you
Don’t wanna come with us

We will play all night
And pray the darkness
Don’t give way to the light
I wish i may,
Wish i might stay with you

Come with me,
I’m yours for the takin’
The louder you scream,
The faster we go
Don’t try to wake me,
Just hold on
And never let gooooo

We will play all night
And pray the darkness
Don’t give way to the light
I wish i may,
Wish i might stay with you

We will shine so bright
Raise your glasses
And drink one to the night
If it’s okay
I just might stay with you
If it’s okay
I just might stay with you

KINO > Suffragette

Regissør > Sarah Gavron
År > 2015

Dear Inspector Steed. I thought about your offer, and I have to say no. You see, I am a suffragette after all. You told me no one listens to girls like me. Well I can’t have that anymore. All my life, I’ve been respectful, done what men told me. I know better now. I’m worth no more, no less than you. Mrs. Pankhurst said, “If it’s right for men to fight for their freedom, then it’s right for women to fight for theirs.” If the law says I can’t see my son, I will fight to change that law. We’re both foot soldiers, in our own way. Both fighting for our cause. I won’t betray mine. Will you betray yours? If you thought I would, you were wrong about me. Yours sincerely,

Maud Watts

(from the movie)

DOC > A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity

A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity is a free feature-length documentary that follows a community in Australia who came together to explore and demonstrate a simpler way to live in response to global crises. Throughout the year the group build tiny houses, plant veggie gardens, practice simple living, and discover the challenges of living in community.

This film is the product of hours and hours of footage that I shot during that year-long experiment in simple living.

Download the film at

Directed by: Jordan Osmond and Samuel Alexander
Written by: Samuel Alexander, Jordan Osmond, and Antoinette Wilson
Executive Producers: The Simplicity Institute, Marcus Foth, Dale & Clare Hembrow
Cinematography by: Jordan Osmond
Edited by: Richard Sidey and Aliscia Young