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Det var en gang i Tromsø > 7.sEp.2017

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Tromsø (Norge) > 7.sep 2017
Bilder av vennen min t3oz, growl! 😉


What a request means to me


I like the concept of community. It is my need being part of communities and creating new ones, respecting myself and the others 😀 Polar bears communities, seals communities, human communities, … 😛  “Diversity makes us brighter”!

The most common dialogues living in communities concern with requests. Every kind of requests. Found this text, I enjoyed creating this card! I like it because it is perfect to explain my intentions when I request for something looking for help or time. Living in community, sharing and keeping this idea in mind helps expressing the beauty we all have inside. Understanding ours and the others needs and getting familiar in expressing them brings good vibes and keeps empowering the whole community itself! 🙂

Growl! 😀