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Rubrica del SØNDAG

What a request means to me


I like the concept of community. It is my need being part of communities and creating new ones, respecting myself and the others 😀 Polar bears communities, seals communities, human communities, … 😛  “Diversity makes us brighter”!

The most common dialogues living in communities concern with requests. Every kind of requests. Found this text, I enjoyed creating this card! I like it because it is perfect to explain my intentions when I request for something looking for help or time. Living in community, sharing and keeping this idea in mind helps expressing the beauty we all have inside. Understanding ours and the others needs and getting familiar in expressing them brings good vibes and keeps empowering the whole community itself! 🙂

Growl! 😀

Flagstad, Asbjørnsen, Birkeland, Undset, Munch: 5 Norwegians together. Why?!


During my bear-journeys around the North Pole, swimming in quite fresh waters, it happened to read about two of these humans, Asbjørnsen and Munch, on their contribute on human arts and on storytelling (very tasty talents!) but had no clues about “the other guys”. Well, let’s read on wikipedia, polar bears too like to consult it sometimes.. 😛

Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen (1812–1885) was a writer, folklore collector, forester and scientist. He is mainly known for its collection and recording of Norwegian folk tales, in cooperation with his old friend Jørgen Moe.

Flagstad, Kirsten (1895–1962) was an opera singer and the first director of Den Norske Opera.

Birkeland, professor Kristian (1867–1917) was a physicist, inventor and co-founder of Norsk Hydro.

Undset, Sigrid (1882–1949) was a writer, and won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1928.

Munch, Edvard (1863–1944) was an expressionist painter and graphic artist.

Now I know who they were.. and why do they come together?? Well, they all are famous, all Norwegians, all their works are so relevant, they all were born during the XIX century, and I am sure they all liked chocolate. But still the point: why together?

I found some pics of their faces, maybe this will bring me some help…

Mmm.. it seems to be something familiar…
but I am not so sure, I need more pics 😛

Here they are:



I got it! Yeaa!!



Lots of humans used to use these notes to buy fish at the supermarket. I don’t, I am too scared to go there and make the floor dirty, and yea it is so funny catching fish with my bare paws, racing against the seals along the way to the North 😉

Growl!! 😉


PS: by the way, brave new notes are going to come soon i Norge: