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TED > Why do we love? A philosophical inquiry

Ah, romantic love; beautiful and intoxicating, heart-breaking and soul-crushing… often all at the same time! If romantic love has a purpose, neither science nor psychology has discovered it yet – but over the course of history, some of our most respected philosophers have put forward some intriguing theories. Skye C. Cleary outlines five of these philosophical perspectives on why we love.

[Directed by Avi Ofer, narrated by Addison Anderson, music by Brooks Ball and Cem Misirlioglu]

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MUSIKK > Lontano lontano (av Luigi Tenco)

Far away, far away in time
something in someone else's eyes
will make you think of my own eyes
those eyes that loved you so much 

Far away, far away in the world
in a smile on the lips of someone else
you will find my shyness
that you loved to make fun of. 

Far away, far away in time
the expression on a face glimpsed by chance
will remind you of my face
that sad look you used to love so much 

Far away, far away in the world
you will be with someone else
suddenly, without rhyme or reason
you will find yourself talking about me 

... a love now too far away..

TED > The difference between healthy and unhealthy love

In a talk about understanding and practicing the art of healthy relationships, Katie Hood reveals the five signs you might be in an unhealthy relationship — with a romantic partner, a friend, a family member — and shares the things you can do every day to love with respect, kindness and joy. “While love is an instinct and an emotion, the ability to love better is a skill we can all build and improve on over time,” she says.

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MUSIKK > Meravigliosa creatura (by Gianna Nannini)

Molti mari e fiumi attraverserò
dentro la tua terra mi ritroverai
turbini e tempeste io cavalcherò
volero tra i fulmini
per averti

Meravigliosa creatura sei sola al mondo
meravigliosa paura di averti accanto
occhi di sole mi bruciano in mezzo al cuore
amo la vita meravigliosa

Luce dei miei occhi brilla su di me
voglio mille lune per accarezzarti
pendo dai tuoi sogni veglio su di te
non svegliarti non svegliarti...

Meravigliosa creatura sei sola al mondo
meravigliosa paura d'averti accanto
occhi di sole mi tremano le parole
amo la vita meravigliosa

Meravigliosa creatura un bacio lento
meravigliosa paura d'averti accanto
all'improvviso tu scendi nel paradiso
muoio d'amore meraviglioso


Getting rid of Romanticism patterns for healthy relationships

Twenty-first century depictions of love and marriage are shaped by a set of Romantic myths and misconceptions and with his trademark warmth and wit, Alain de Botton explores the complex landscape of a modern relationship, presenting a realistic case study for marriage and examining what it might mean to love, to be loved – and to stay in love.

Alain de Botton is an internationally renowned philosopher, television presenter and author of international best sellers Essays in Love, How Proust Can Change Your Life and Status Anxiety.

In this talk, he discusses his stunning new novel The Course of Love, a philosophical novel about modern relationships.

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