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MUSIKK > La Canzone dell’Amore Perduto

Fabrizio De André, Italian music poet I love

Ricordi sbocciavan le viole
con le nostre parole
“Non ci lasceremo mai, mai e poi mai”,

vorrei dirti ora le stesse cose
ma come fan presto, amore, ad appassire le rose
così per noi

l’amore che strappa i capelli è perduto ormai,
non resta che qualche svogliata carezza
e un po’ di tenerezza.

E quando ti troverai in mano
quei fiori appassiti al sole
di un aprile ormai lontano,
li rimpiangerai

ma sarà la prima che incontri per strada
che tu coprirai d’oro per un bacio mai dato,
per un amore nuovo.

E sarà la prima che incontri per strada
che tu coprirai d’oro per un bacio mai dato,
per un amore nuovo.


A definition of Love (from waterproof books for bears!)

Bildet av ‘Life of Pix’ on Pexels

Polar bears too like reading books, strange uhm but yep! We are used to read waterproof books because we are always in the water. They are made by some smart fairies and every month they leave some of them on the 3rd ice block near the seals pool 😉

I wonder what humans mean with the concept of love, they use this word everywhere, it seems they like it very much! Well, we bears too, and my concept of love will make no sense for you, not because you have no brain, just because it is very personal and btw because I have no brain!! here it is: love is an iceberg with a gelato shape. As I said, it makes no sense haha!

However I have this friend, Marshall, who is a very clever guy, and able to have a non-violent communication with every kind of humans (and animals as well, I am sure!).  On one of his waterproof books I found one more definition of Love, and here it is:

Love is not denying ourselves and doing for others; rather, it is honestly expressing whatever our feelings and needs are and empathically receiving the other person’s feelings and needs.

To receive empathically does not mean that you must comply— just accurately receive what is expressed as a gift of life from the other person.

Love is honestly expressing our own needs; that doesn’t mean making demands, but just, “Here I am. Here’s what I like.”

Rosenberg, Marshall (2012-06-01) >  “Living Nonviolent Communication” (p. 29)

I hope he calls you in the morning


I hope he calls you in the morning
after a night of sleeping in a big, empty bed

Just to say good morning
Just to hear your voice
as it is the only wake up call
he needs.

I hope he cooks you breakfast
Knowing how you like your eggs
how you take your coffee
how little or how much you wish to speak.
I hope he cooks you dinner, too
For no reason at all.

I hope he holds your hand proudly
as you walk through a room
of people you don’t know.

I hope he builds you up
until you are standing on a pedestal
of your own creation.

I hope he encourages you to make art
take risks
travel the world
be alone—
always knowing that you’ll be back
home in his warm embrace
as long as his heart is open.

I hope he wears his heart on his sleeve
and is not shy
to adorn yours
as well.

I hope he is the kind of person
who, when presented with the ocean,
will not shy away
from diving in
to ride the waves.

I hope he is all of himself
unafraid to own
his stories
no matter how dark they may seem.

I hope he can see that all of you
is in the stars
poking through
the dark sky
of your past.

I hope he is not scared
by your ability to choose growth
your ability to not be held hostage
by the person you were yesterday
last week
last year.

I hope his attention span
is as long as every word
that exits your mouth
your heart.
I hope that he hears your truth
and meets it with gratitude
for your vulnerability.

I hope he loves you
in a way you didn’t know love existed.
For you have only seen love
in other places
with shaky ground that fell
beneath your hopeful feet.

This is who I hope
for you—
Because you are worthy
of being loved
by a heart so bright
the sun blushes
in admiration.


Author: Annabelle Blythe
Picture from PEXELS

What a request means to me


I like the concept of community. It is my need being part of communities and creating new ones, respecting myself and the others 😀 Polar bears communities, seals communities, human communities, … 😛  “Diversity makes us brighter”!

The most common dialogues living in communities concern with requests. Every kind of requests. Found this text, I enjoyed creating this card! I like it because it is perfect to explain my intentions when I request for something looking for help or time. Living in community, sharing and keeping this idea in mind helps expressing the beauty we all have inside. Understanding ours and the others needs and getting familiar in expressing them brings good vibes and keeps empowering the whole community itself! 🙂

Growl! 😀

Thinking about Blame

You are probably a bit of a blamer – most of us are. But why should we give it up? In this witty sequel to our most watched RSA Short, inspirational thinker Brené Brown considers why we blame others, how it sabotages our relationships, and why we desperately need to move beyond this toxic behaviour.

Voice > Dr Brené Brown
Animation > Katy Davis AKA Gobblynne
Production and Editing > Al Francis-Sears and Abi Stephenson

Thinking about Empathy

What is the best way to ease someone’s pain and suffering? In this beautifully animated RSA Short, Dr Brené Brown reminds us that we can only create a genuine empathic connection if we are brave enough to really get in touch with our own fragilities.

Voice > Dr Brené Brown
Animation > Katy Davis (AKA Gobblynne)
Production and Editing > Al Francis-Sears and Abi Stephenson