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El Eternauta > Almost 60 years ;)



El  Eternauta is a science fiction comic created by Argentine comic strip writer Héctor Germán Oesterheld with artwork by Francisco Solano López. It was first published in “Hora Cero Semanal” from 1957 to 1959.



Oesterheld returned to El Eternauta with a remake and a sequel, published in 1969 and 1975, respectively. Both featured a more political script, as Oesterheld was disturbed by political conditions in the nation after military juntas had overthrown elected governments.

By the time he published the sequel, he and his daughters had joined the Montoneros leftist guerrilla group. Oesterheld disappeared in 1977, was seen in prisons, and is believed to have died about 1979 at the hands of government forces.


After a change in government and restoration of democracy, since 1983 El Eternauta has been continued in different versions by a variety of writers and artists.

More here (wikipedia español).

PS: “reading the comics, you will discover the city of Buenos Aires” (was told me by the most beautiful Argentinian teacher I’ve ever known 🙂  )