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A Plastic Planet (APP) is a grassroots movement launched in January 2017 with a single goal – to turn off the plastic tap. They want to dramatically reduce the use of conventional plastic; especially that used to package our food and drink.

Recent history has proven that recycling this kind of plastic is not the answer; it is valueless, too difficult to reclaim and often contaminated.

It’s fundamentally the wrong use of plastic in the first place.

But right now, the public have no choice but to buy their food and drink packaged in this indestructible plastic.

When you can buy gluten-free, fat-free, dairy-free, why can we not buy plastic-free?

Growl! 😉

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There’s something amazing growing in the city of Detroit: healthy, accessible, delicious, fresh food. In a spirited talk, fearless farmer Devita Davison explains how features of Detroit’s decay actually make it an ideal spot for urban agriculture. Join Davison for a walk through neighborhoods in transformation as she shares stories of opportunity and hope. “These aren’t plots of land where we’re just growing tomatoes and carrots,” Davison says. “We’re building social cohesion as well as providing healthy, fresh food.”

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Hilsen fra Nanook, tidspunktet banen for nordområdene