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Rubrica del SØNDAG

Mørketidsløpet 2017 (Halv maraton i Tromsø)


Det er det perfekte løpet for en isbjørn! 😉

The Polar Night Half Marathon (Mørketidsløpet in Norwegian) is the largest winterrace in Norway with 1400 runners from more than 44 different countries.

The race is held in Tromsø, above the Polar Circle, faboulous place to enjoy the northern lights! The “polar night” period in Tromsø lasts around two months, from November 21st until January 21st. During this period there are only a few hours of daylight.

The half marathon starts at 15:00 from the city centre. It is possible to choose among 3 distances: Half-Marathon, 10K or 5K.

The track is usually very slippery, covered by snow or ice: that’s why the organization recommends to use shoes with spikes (easy to find in Tromsø sport shops).

On last January the average temperature was -5.6°C.

More info here 😉

Og ja, jeg er med! 😉



Active/passive verb forms

When I studied English at bears’ school, this part has been done very fast and I have always had problems to understand the differences. And, you know, there was so much snow outside to have fun with, so I did not spend much time to figure it out. More than talking I do like learning and having “make-me-smile” adventures (as you can view here 😉 ).

Watched the video? Let’s come back here.
In April 2015 I found a good online resource and I am going to use it right now to find out all the passive verb forms concerning with different verbal tenses. Saying to be bearly happy would not be enough.

Link suggested: