Five mainly ways to support a woman’s period


Summary from an article by Zat Baraka in 2014 for TheGoodMenProject :

  1. No joking while she’s experiencing discomfort: it’s ok to make her laugh, laughter is good medicine BUT do not joke about it being “that time of the month again”. Rather than understanding her, you are actually shaming and judging her. She may close down to you, creating a disconnect in your relationship. No rude comments about what’s in the trash bin, about her being moody… no jokes, no nothing.
  1. Know her cycle: ask her about the timing of her cycle, (though not when she is actually menstruating). If you can get a general idea of when she is ovulating or bleeding, you can more skillfully interact with her. By knowing her cycle, you can be more aware and sensitive to her changing moods and physical discomfort. This develops a deeper trust as your woman knows you are really present with what she is experiencing. Put it in your calendar so you have a heads up.
  1. Her changing libido: when premenstrual, her hormone level shifts. This hormonal flip can mean “she isn’t horny for you!” Interestingly, having an orgasm can relieve menstrual cramps, though your attitude during the whole cycle will determine whether or not she’s willing to explore this. Again , this is probably best to bring up when she isn’t in the middle of it.
  1. Don’t run away from her emotions: many women like more space with menstruating but its best to take cues from her. Don’t just run off to the bar with the guys believing that’s best. If she wants you to leave, she will most likely ask for space. She may act like she doesn’t want you there, but remember she may actually desire some TLC. Your full presence is the best medicine. She will love you for this!
  1. Don’t try to fix her: the first thing I do is get my Fiancee a hot water bottle. She LOVES this. other great ideas include; complimenting her, being kind, helping out with chores (this should always be the case, but usually isn’t). Help create a cozy environment for her, and cook her comfort food. Hugs are also great. Its always amazing what a lavender lotion foot rub can do. The main thing is to not be an ass. (closing down and or not wanting to deal is being an ass) I know from experience that this doesn’t earn many points. Chocolate helps to stimulate serotonin, that can be a good move.

I am open to discussion and alternative ideas 😀 Growl!!

Full article here. Enjoy 😉


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