A World Without Jobs Is Not A World Without Work

What would we do if we no longer were compelled to work for income to survive? Would we all sit around in our pajamas everyday unwilling to lift a finger for anything? Why do people think that?

Perhaps they have this impression because after working for 8-10 hours each day enriching the capitalist owners of the company you work for, most people are pretty damn tired. They gave all their useful energy to someone else and now there is very little left.

Would anyone doubt that working a job you hate leads to “lazy” behavior?

In a world where no one was forced to work a job to survive, there would still be work. But we would be able to choose it based on our interests and the kind of experience we would like to have. We can spend the time raising our children, taking care of each other, growing wholesome foods, and making wholesome products. Once liberated, we will all do this.

Who will clean the toilets? Why should anyone else be cleaning your toilet in the first place?

Have a look here, enjoy 😉


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